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Christian BALLIF: first sounds: 12.11.1949

piano lessons : 1958-1962

Turned to music when hearing "the house fo the rising sun" by the Animals. Self taught on guitar. Led and played with the following groups:

Slamina Group (1968-1969): Jean-Claude  (bass) and Roland BONIN (rythm guitar), Michel DERAMERU (drums), Christian BALLIF (lead guitar, vocal)

Toxic Dream (1970-1971): Jean-Claude (bass) et Roland BONIN (rythm guitar), Michel COLOMBO (drums), Christian BALLIF (lead guitar, vocal)

Heavy Light (1971-1972): Daniel CUGNONI (bass, vocal), Michel COLOMBO (drums), Christian BALLIF (guitar, vocal)

Pi (1972-1975): Paul BAILLIF (bass); Stéphane BOREL (drums);  Philippe BOREL (keyboards), Christian BALLIF (guitar, vocal), (since june 1974, Serge CASTIGLIONE lead vocal)

Lizard (1975-1976): Claude CHATELAIN (bass), Stéphane BOREL (drums), Eric STEFFEN (keyboards, march to june 1975), Philippe BOREL (keyboards, since july 1975) Serge CASTIGLIONE (vocal), Christian BALLIF (guitar, keyboards)

Catfood (1976): Claude CHATELAIN (bass), Alessandro CADAU (drums), Dominique RAO (keyboards), Christian BALLIF (guitar, keyboards, vocal).

From 1985 to 1986 played with  Mescaleros: Gabriel FAHRNI (bass), "Boubou" TURRIAN (drums), Jacques GESSENEY (sax, flute), Marcel HEINEN (guitar), Robert PRALONG (piano), Vincent BARBONE (guitar, lead vocal), Christian BALLIF (guitar).

From 1998 played with T.Y.P.: Cyril NERINI (bass, voice), Christophe NERINI (drums), Massimo SERAFINI (acc. guitar, lead vocal), Christian BALLIF (guitare, voice).This line-up played until summer of 1999.

 A new line-up with Cyril NERINI (guitar), Christophe NERINI (drums), Lionel DECOSTERD (bass), Johnny (vocal) and Christian BALLIF played two gigs in June 2000. 

Following departure of Cyril NERINI, Lionel DECOSTERD and singer Johnny a new version of T.Y.P. will return with Christophe NERINI (drums, vocals), Claude Lodari (bass, vocals), Christian BALLIF (guitar, vocals) and a new singer to be announced.

AND THE NEW SINGER IS: Joséphine ZARRA and that changes everything. This new group has a real MAGIC. We decided to change the name. So out goes T.Y.P. and ONE TOO was born at the end of october 2000: Joséphine ZARRA (voice), Christophe NERINI (drums), Claude Lodari (bass, vocals), Christian BALLIF (guitar, vocals).

In August 2005 Alexandrfe CADAU (drums, voice) replaces Christophe Nerini who went to live too far away (1000 km) to stay with us.

Since August 2005 a new project is on its way: BAZAR with Jo Zarra (voice) and Christian Ballif (guitar), with an eclectic playlist. from Janis Joplin to Kate Bush via Nina Simone, Robert Plant and Norah Jones.

December 2010 ONE TOO is found dead. After multiple auditions FROM THE ASHES birth of FROM THE ASHES (January 2012). (melodic hard rock): with Nathalie Bonjour (singer), Thomas Bonjour (keyboards), Christophe Klein (bass), Sylvain Ballif (drums, piano). In Mai 2014 Isabelle Humbert-Droz replaces Christophe Klein.

End of 2012 the acoustric duo TAKE A SEAT (voice + guitar) is born, playing pop rock acoustric versions: from Katie Melua and Norah Jones to Aerosmith, Nightwish and Led Zeppelin.


 Favorite musicians (non exhaustive):

Guitar: Jeff BECK, Allan HOLDSWORTH, John SCOFIELD, Albert LEE, Adrian LEGG, Jimi HENDRIX, Danny GATTON, Sonny LANDRETH, Stevie Ray VAUGHAN, Bill FRISELL

Bass: Jack BRUCE, Jeff Berlin, Eberhard WEBER

Drums: John HISEMAN; Bill BRUFORD, Dennis CHAMBERS, Mitch Mitchell

Keyboards: Keith EMERSON, Dave GREENSLADE, Dave STEWART, John LORD

Voices: Eric BURDON, Chris FARLOWE, John WETTON, Jack BRUCE, Peter CETERA

Don't forget: "There are no bad tunes, only bad musicians".